Commercial Finance options

To Lease or To Buy: What is Better for Your Business?

At Reliance Solar, you can get a solar for your business through a Solar Energy Commercial Lease or by purchasing the system with cash upfront.  There are generally good reasons for both the options for commercial solar systems, but it really comes down to what’s best for you and your company’s unique situation. That’s why our solar energy commercial customers love talking with our commercial solar expert who will present your potential solar installation with all  the options, so you can decide what’s best option for your commercial solar energy systems. Below are reasons why most potential solar for business prospects become actual solar energy commercial customers.

Why to Lease a Commercial Solar Systems?

  • Immediate savings : Zero upfront cost and enjoy the low monthly payments and most of Reliance Solar commercial systems enjoys the benefit of positive cash flow from day one of their solar system gets installed.
  • System pays for itself : With Reliance Solar’s low monthly payments, most our commercial system pays for it self by savings greater amount on customer’s power bill than payment value thus it makes the larger system more viable option to install.
  • Tax Benefit : you may claim deductions for whole repayment amounts towards depreciations of your solar system from tax. Your accountant would be the best person to advice that.
  • Long-term continuous savings: It’s win-win especially in these times of rapidly rising electricity costs! You will literally save thousands of dollars over the life of your solar system.
  • Reduced carbon footprint : By leasing our commercial solar system means your business is using zero emissions system, you’re enhancing both the reputation of your business and reaping the practical benefits of clean energy.

Why Buy a Commercial Solar Installation?

  • Tax Benefit: Eligible Small business possibly could write off the cost of their solar system through current $20K government tax and again, your accountant or financial advisor would be the write person to advice it.
  • Quality: Reliance Solar can Custom-designed solar power equipment that can be integrated into your existing business facility.
  • Independence : As a business owner, you’ll like having the ability to control your own resources, and keeping long-term outlay to a minimum.
  • Sustainability: Solar energy is fully renewable and produces no emissions. The equipment requires little maintenance and is not subject to power failures.
  • Value—Solar power will reduce your operating costs and increase the value of your business property.