Benefits of solar

Clean and Green.

The grid still uses costly and polluting fossil fuels to manufacture their electricity. The fossil fuel supply is finite, and dwindling. As the fossil fuel supply continues to shrink, their price increases therefore electric companies will pass increased fuel costs onto you, their customer. Furthermore, fossil fuels cause unimaginable damage to the earth and environment.

On the other hand, solar power uses the Sun- eternal source of energy to generate electrical power which is clean and renewable. Furthermore, while electric bills continue to rise, solar panels have dramatically come down in price, and you can now go solar with zero money down. Every home that hooks up to solar power reduces the earth’s carbon footprint. Every home that goes solar sees dramatic reductions in their electric bills.

Increase the property Value

In addition, homes that undergo a solar panel installation reap a higher selling price than grid connected homes should you ever decide to sell your house.

Best Return on Investment

The choice comes down to this; stay connected to the grid and keep paying incredibly high electric bills, or install Reliance Solar’s $0 down solar panels and save thousands in electric bills. With Reliance Solar, average Residential property in Queensland receives their investment back in around 3 to 4 years.  Solar power is by far the better choice.

Sunshine is free and virtual endless. 

How much energy do you think it takes to power the entire country for a whole year? A lot, right? Well that much solar energy hits our country every 40 minutes. While those who rely on fossil fuels like coal and oil for energy will have to worry about sharply rising prices over the next few decades, those who go solar will only have to worry about when the sun burns out. In four or five BILLION years.

Solar power systems require very little to no maintenance.

There are many mechanical advantages to going solar. Solar power systems have a very small number of moving parts, run silently, are highly reliable and require almost no maintenance, if any. In fact, they’re so reliable that organizations use them to independently run warning signals, navigational buoys, aircraft warning lights and railroad crossing signs. Once you purchase and install a solar power system, there are very few recurring costs, and these systems can be expanded as energy needs grow.

Plenty of Government rebates and incentives that makes solar investment Lucrative.

Government rebates and increased Feed in Tariff incentives now exist to provide even more savings on a solar power system, so there has never been a more affordable and better time to go solar.