Benefit of Reliance Solar

Quality Matters a Lot …

Reliance Solar only believes in using quality solar solutions that will perform to, or above, our customer’s expectations.

We want to ensure that our solar solutions provide you with the opportunity to take control of your energy consumption and positively change your energy behavior, resulting in savings.

Our solar solutions are designed with that aim in mind and are backed by a Industries leading warranty.

We want to make solar energy available to all Australians therefore we understand that all customers are unique and have designed a range of packages based upon lifestyle and energy consumption

Lifetime care policy

We give ongoing support for the lifetime of your system. If you have any problems, questions or concerns about your solar power system, you can contact us directly and our friendly team will resolve the issue. For our customer’s peace of mind, We make the complete solar process hassle-free from start to finish off.

Large Product Selection ranges

We don’t sell you a solar power system that we want you to buy at the time. We will only install the system that is right for you. It’s all about giving our customers the honest rundown and pros and cons of all the different products on offer, and tailoring these products to create the perfect system for your individual requirements.